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Support to your company’s financial management with data for the analyses of the cash flow and Income statements

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Determination of the tax bases and tax calculations applicable to your company and support to planning efforts

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Performance of routine activities handled by the Personnel department and support to the Human Resources department

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Mapping and analysis of the required information and data for your company to optimize results and minimize costs and expenses

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Examination of the company's available equity, preparation of trial balances and tools to support decision-making process by your company’s managers.

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Optimize your company's results

EAST offers special services to encourage the development and success of your company. We prepare custom-made reports to assist you in increasing your company’s working capital, expanding operations and conducting analyses of the economic feasibility of new businesses or new areas of operation. We are at your disposal to study your needs!

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Support in the implementation of ERP systems

We offer the required support to companies interested in using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Integrated systems of corporate management in the areas inter-related to accounting, taxes and finances.

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Monitoring and analysis of your company’s budget

EAST provides support to the preparation of your company’s annual or pluri-annual budget as well as the analysis of the variations of planned x actual scenarios.

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